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Indofen, a premium furnace manufacturer specialized in manufacturing advanced furnace systems for aluminium die casting industry. All our furnaces are customized to suit the exact need of the customers thus offering maximum benefit to the customers. Indofen's state-of-the-art furnace solutions drastically reduces fuel, improves productivity and gives peace of mind.


Best Fuel Economy

State-of-the-Art furnace technology
Best-in-class Refractory & Insulation
Innovative Combustion Systems
Savings throughout the furnace life-span

Improves Productivity

Faster yet efficient Melting
More metal output per KWH
Excellent Reliability - No Downtime
Fool proof & Robust design

Peace of Mind

Best Value for Money
Longer Service Life
Best After-Sales Support
Easy Availability of Spares


Efficient products that delivers fuel savings & peace of mind.

iMelter-Tower Furnace

Double Chamber Tower Melting

iMelter -Mini

Single Chamber Tower Melting

iCruz -Crucible Furnace

With Helical Flame Guide

iHold - Top Heating Furnace

Crucible Less Holding Furnace

Electrical Holding Furnace

Best Efficiency & Life

Recycling Furnace

Aluminum Scrap Melting


List of best results achieved through Indofen Furnaces

  • i-Melter 350

    Double chamber tower melting furnace

    Melting Rate: 350kg/hr
    Holding Capacity: 700Kg
    Fuel: Diesel
    Best Economy: 55 ltrs/MT
    Melting Loss: 1.2%
    Annual Savings: INR 32 Lacs*

  • i-Hold 500

    Top Heating Holding Furnace

    Furnace Capacity: 500Kg
    Connected Load: 18KW
    Power Consumption: 115 ~ 146 KWH/day
    Annual Savings: INR 12.5 Lacs*

  • i-Melter Mini

    Single chamber Tower Melting

    Melting Rate: 300kg/hr
    Holding Capacity: 600Kg
    Fuel: LPG
    Best Economy: 52 Kg/MT
    Melting Loss: 1.5%
    Annual Savings: INR 26 Lacs*

  • i-Cruz 300

    Electrical Furnace

    Furnace Capacity: 300Kg
    Connected Load: 36KW
    Melting Rate: 95 Kg/hr
    Energy : 0.36 KWH/Kg
    Annual Savings: INR 8 Lacs*

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Our Innovations

Always ahead to offer the best technology

Tower Furnace

Efficient & Affordable

Tower furnaces now comes with customized design based on operational needs of every customer. Indofen manufactures customized tower furnaces that are highly efficient yet affordable.

Top Heating Furnace

Compact & Highly Efficient

Top Heating furnaces are never been so efficient like Indofen's i-Hold line of furnaces. Best ever efficiency with a twist in performance by innovative space saving design & effective refractory design.

Strip Heating Elements

20% More Efficient

Strip heating elements has more radiating surface compared to conventional wire coil design, thus radiating more heat at same power.Heating element life extends more than 5 years thus achieving zero down time.

Free Energy Audit


Is your furnace performing way beyond the optimal level? Too many production stops? Need higher power or output? furnace.

Our engineers will help your process achieve optimal performance by monitoring and evaluating your furnaces and melt shop practices. If the analysis reveals any deviations, our engineers will provide calculations and recommendations to help you realize the full potential of your furnace, by evaluating a new heating or insulation solution, revamping the control process or simply fine-tuning.

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